This is already a month old, but I’m just seeing it now: the New Yorker ran a set of satirical New York Times videogame reviews, in response to the Seth Schiesel fawn over The Beatles: Rock Band (to which I responded strongly, in case you forgot).

My favorites:

A princess has been kidnapped. Her name is Zelda, she is beautiful, and I love her.

The new Nintendo video game Duck Hunt is a game about hunting ducks, right? Wrong! It is so much more. In this deep, rich cultural narrative, we are the ducks and society the gun. Simply try to lift the pistol to the screen and you will have an existential crisis of conscience. Why kill? Is it because we are told to? Or is it because we are designed to? This video game has bested Nietzsche and trumped Sarte, all within the confines of its tiny plastic cartridge.

In fact, those are probably the only good ones, but the whole concept of the New Yorker writing NY Times videogame review parodies makes my Baudrillard glands salivate.

published October 8, 2009


  1. Daniel Joseph

    Now we only need a version of Rock Band that simulates the New Yorker writing a version of The New York Times writing about Rock Band. Then the cycle would be complete.

  2. Jordan Magnuson

    I like this. And I agree with Daniel.

  3. Frank

    Wow. They are terrible!