It’s interview season, apparently. I’ve done a number of interviews recently, and I figured it would be easier to link them all at once for my devoted readers enjoyment (that’s you).

First, Laureano Ralon published oan interview with me on Figure/Ground Communications. The interview covers the state of scholarship and the academy, McLuhan, and game studies. Laureano has been conducted dozens of interviews with scholars in philosophy and media studies; you might want to read more of them. He asks many of the same questions to each of his interviewees, which makes for interesting comparisons. For example, I’ve been particularly interested to note how many of Laureano’s respondents advise graduate students to “follow your passions,” a strategy quite different from the one I recommended in my answers.

Second, the German newspaper Die Zeit published an interview with me about Cow Clicker (in German). One of the loveliest things about seeing Cow Clicker discussed in other languages is the discovery of strange non-English cow puns. From the Zeit piece, I particularly fancy Kuhpokalypse. Speaking of Cow Clicker, in case you missed it, my clickable bovine was on the cover of the media section of last week’s Amsterdam paper Het Parool.

And third, Kris Coffield interviewed me for his site Fractured Politics. It’s a newer site focused on politics in its various forms. Our conversation covered videogames and politics as well as object-oriented ontology. Kris has also published interviews with Graham Harman, Levi Bryant, and Tim Morton, all of which I recommend to anyone interested in OOO.

published July 10, 2011