It’s almost time for the Game Developers Conference again! To think, last year I was struggling to escape the grip of a certain cow game, and this year I’ve perhaps almost partly escaped the grip of a certain cow game.

This year I’ve got a relatively light schedule.

First, Ben Sawyer, Jane McGonigal and I are running the new GameIT Summit, on game development for the enterprise. You can read more about it in this Gamasutra article, in which I explain the differences between “gamification” and the approaches we have in mind to highlight at the GameIT summit.

Second, on Monday at the GameIT summit I’ll be giving a talk called Making Games as Fast as You Can Think of Them, in which I will demonstrate Game-o-Matic, the system for authoring simple, short-form games about current events or other topics we’ve been working on at Georgia Tech and UC Santa Cruz for the past year and a half. It was funded by the Knight Foundation, and formerly known as Cartoonist. The system is totally insane and like nothing you’ve ever seen, and it really can make games in mere moments.

Third, on Tuesday at the Education Summit, I’ll be participating in the Game Educators Rant. Yup, more ranting.

Hope to see many of you in San Francisco.

published February 28, 2012


  1. Adrian Forest

    When will the general public be able to play with Game-o-Matic?

  2. Ian Bogost

    Very soon. For partner testing, late spring. Then for everyone, both as users and via open source, end of summer.