I’m doing a whole crap-ton of things in Los Angeles the week after Thanksgiving.

First I’ll be visiting Tracy Fullerton’s game design class at USC on Monday.

Next I’ll be giving a talk on Newsgames at the USC Annenberg School, at noon on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday, I’ll be participating in a one-day event at UCLA, HELLO EVERYTHING: Speculative Realism and Object-Oriented Ontology, along with Nathan Brown, Levi Bryant, Graham Harman, Eleanor Kaufman, and Tim Morton. The event is hosted by Ken Reinhard’s long-running Program in Experimental Critical Theory.

And for the remainder of the week I’ll be speaking at Metaphysics and Things, the The Fourth International Conference of the Whitehead Research Project, at Claremont, along with a host of folks.

Drop by if you’re an Angeleno or want to be! (yes, I guess Claremont is really Inland Empire, but whatever… all of Southern California still counts as Los Angeles for me).

published November 18, 2010


  1. pablo

    this sounds exciting!

  2. pablo

    oh by the way… what time are you on for the Claremont event?

  3. Ian Bogost

    I don’t think the final schedule for Claremont has been announced yet.

  4. Tim Morton

    NB Room Change for UCLA OOO event:

    Hacienda Room in the Faculty Center.