The third object-oriented ontology symposium will take place on September 14 at The New School in New York City. This event follows the first two symposia, held at Georgia Tech in April 2010 and at UCLA last December. Special thanks to McKenzie Wark for hosting it.

I’ll be in China that week, missing both the week of speculative realism in New York and the DiGRA conference in Utrecht. But in a last minute caprice, I’ve agreed to make a short video appearance at OOOIII. The full schedule is below.

OOOIII: The Third Object-Oriented Ontology Symposium

The New School
September 14, 2011
Free and Open to the Public


10:15-12.00 Morning Session: 65 W 12th St., room A404

(Ken Wark, moderator)
1. Graham Harman, “The Four Most Typical Objections to OOO”
2. Aaron Pedinotti, “Occasions, Decisions and the Given: Some Remarks on the Technical Underpinings of the Harman-Shaviro Debate”
3. Steven Shaviro, “Panpsychism And/Or Eliminativism”
4. McKenzie Wark, “P(OO): Praxis (object-oriented)”

12:30-2:30 Luncheon with Jane Bennett, 66 W 12th St., Klein Room A510

The Vera List Center for Art and Politics
NB this is an RSVP event with limited seating. We are working on simulcast possibilities.

2:30-4:00 Afternoon Session: 66 5th Ave., Kellen Auditorium

(Eugene Thacker, moderator)
5. Tim Morton, “Objects, Aesthetics, Causality”
6. Shannon Mattern, “Everything is Infrastructure”
7. Levi Bryant, “Strange Substances: On the Nature of Objects”
8. Mabel Wilson, “Object Lesson – A Pedagogy for Teaching Architects”

4:15-6:00 Roundtable discussion, Bark Room

The panelists (Harman, Pedinotti, Shaviro, Wark, Morton, Mattern, Bryant, Wilson)
Featuring a special video appearance by Ian Bogost

6:00-8:00 Opening, “And Another Thing” exhibition

Co-curated by Katherine Behar and Emmy Mikelson
The James Gallery, CUNY Graduate Center 365 5th ave

The event will be videoed, recorded and livestreamed.

published September 2, 2011


  1. dmf

    seems appropriate in a medium/message kind of way, maybe you could whip up a cow avatar

  2. Robin Peckham

    What are you doing (and where) in China? Would like to attend if there’s a lecture or event somewhere. At first figured it might be the Digital Resources for Humanities and Arts conference in Ningbo, but that should be over by then.

  3. Ian Bogost

    Robin, I’ll be at the WEF in Dalian.