An update on the aftermath of last week’s Rorty conference.

First, organizer Liz Losh has posted detailed accounts of all the sessions on her blog:

Part 1, archives

Part 2, data

Part 3, philosophy

Part 4, public intellectualism

Part 5, rhetoric

Part 6, closing

I spent part of last week and the weekend playing hashtag voyeur on a few conferences via Twitter, and it’s always impossible to really get any sense of what’s going on from afar. Liz’s detailed write-ups are a real service to those who couldn’t attend, much moreso than the self-directed “conversations” on Twitter.

Next, many of the papers are now available for download on the conference website. I also posted mine in plain web format on this site. And Michael Bérubé wrote a debrief of his talk and the event more generally on his blog.

And there you have it.

published May 23, 2010