Hildegard ate most of the tacos!

Mereology and the Partitive Plural

Levi Bryant has written a drove of meaty new posts in the past couple days. There’s one about his blue mug, one about entanglement, one that asks if eclipses are objects, and one about ideology. But it’s his post about strange mereologies that I want to point you to today. As Bryant explains, the strangeness in object-oriented mereology is this:… read more

Where in the World was Middle Earth?

A geography professor's hypothetical geomorphology of Middle Earth

Do you read Strange Maps? You should, if you’re at all a map geek. It’s a blog about curious cartography. It’s really exactly the kind of site blogs seem to promise, regular musings on a subject so specific or arcane that another medium couldn’t support regular publication. Thanks largely to Boing Boing, there’s been a running meme lately of subway… read more