1989 Any particle physicist can have a website!
1993 Any researcher can have a website!
1995 Anybody at a university can have a website!
1996 Any company can have a website!
1997 Anybody can have a crappy website!
2001 Anybody can have a decent website if it’s a blog!
2003 Tech companies can help anybody have a blog!
2005 Big media companies can have a blog so you don’t have to!
2007 Tech companies can help anybody not need to have a blog!
2008 Your website doesn’t work on my mobile device!
2009 Tech companies can let you have a mobile app to accompany your website if they feel like it!
2010 Anybody might get linked to your website from one of five popular websites!
2012 Anybody can click to download a company’s app from their website!
published March 16, 2013