Tenure-Track Position in Digital Media at Georgia Tech

My department at Georgia Tech has an open tenure-track position. Please distribute, apply, etc.! Georgia TechDigital Media Tenure-Track Position Georgia Tech’s School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC), which provides diverse humanistic perspectives on a technological world, is seeking to fill one Digital Media tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor, beginning in the fall of 2013. We… read more

Media Studies at Georgia Tech

Some changes in my role and new initiatives

As my college just announced yesterday, I’ll be taking on a slightly different role at Georgia Tech. You can read the full release, but the relevant bits are as follows: I have been named Ivan Allen College Distinguished Chair in Media Studies I am also now jointly appointed in the School of Interactive Computing in the College of Computing I… read more

The Future of Literature in an Age of Digital Media

An event at Georgia Tech this week

This Wednesday, October 19, the Wesley Center for New Media, the Georgia Tech Digital Media Program, and the School of Literature, Communication, and Culture will host a symposium on the future of literature. The event has been orgainzed by Jay David Bolter and Maria Engborg. It is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be served. All are… read more

Misusing Media

A thought experiment

Lately I find myself talking a lot about contemporary “misuses” of computer media. That is, about trends that make partial use of the properties of such media, or that (in my view) mistake some less interesting, less promising, or less relevant set of properties as primary. For example: treating the microcomputer as a mere network appliance rather than as a… read more

Non-Human Media

Interview with Eric McLuhan

Harman points to Figure-Ground Communication’s interview with Eric McLuhan. It includes a question from Harman about Laws of Media, namely “why did they they the tetrad to human artifacts?” Of course, this is also the question Levi and I will pose in our planned book on McLuhan. McLuhan doesn’t really answer the question, from the very beginning seeming not to… read more

Weird Media and Tiny Ontology

Two Teasers

I’m behind in keeping up with my corner of the philosophy blogosphere. In part I’ve been distracted by cow clickery, but more so I’ve been spending as much time as possible writing Alien Phenomenology, which I fully intend to complete before the end of August. I’m thus offering two teasers today, in lieu of earnest content. The first is related… read more

Slow Media

A manifesto and blog

Given that I’m currently completing a project called A Slow Year, and given that it is, somewhat poetically, taking longer than I anticipated to finish, and given that I’m resolved to do it right rather than to do it fast, given all those things I was intrigued to learn of the Slow Media Manifesto from my friend Julian Bleecker. As… read more

Media Studies and Realism

A response to Levi Bryant

In a lengthy comment on my pragmatic speculative realism post, philosopher Levi Bryant asks what issues in technology and media studies prompted my interest in object-oriented ontology. I’d like to try to answer the question for the benefit of readers finding their way here from sources in philosophy rather than game studies. In some ways, I think I was doing… read more

The Value of Theory in Digital Media Studies

A "debate" between myself and Jay Bolter

This past week, renowned new media scholar and colleague Jay Bolter and I staged a debate on theory in the study of digital media. Here’s how we described it: The Digital Media program in LCC is described on its website as follows: “The Georgia Tech Digital Media Ph.D. provides both the theoretical and the practical foundation for careers as digital… read more

New Media as Material Constraint

An Introduction to Platform Studies, co-authored with Nick Montfort. Presented at the First International HASTAC Conference, April 2007.

We introduce platform studies, a family of approaches to digital media. In platform studies, close consideration is given to the detailed technical workings of computing systems. This allows the connections between platform technologies and creative production to be investigated. Two short studies of the Atari VCS (2600) and the Nintendo Wii show how close consideration of this sort can inform… read more