I know what you’ve been thinking. Sure, I enjoy clicking cows, but what good is it doing? Is cow clicking just for fun, or can cow clicking make the world a better place?

Molleindustria and Cow Clicker are pleased to announce Cow Clicktivism, a cooperative social game with real-world impact.

Now you can turn your virtual cow into a real cow by participating in Cow Clicktivism’s click-ins. Just click your cow on cowclicktivism.org every six hours to increase the bar. If the click quota is reached in time, a real cow will be donated to a poor family via Oxfam America unwrapped. Cow Clicktivism also offers a moonique opportunity for online advertisers. Sponsor a cow and reap the benefits of ethical branding.

Feeling particularly moonificent, or just don’t want to wait to save the world? You can buy the premium Cowclicktivist cow in Cow Clicker and we’ll convert your purchase into a real cow. As a bonus, you can remind yourself of the sordid plight of those less fortunate than you with every click.

Remember, one click is not enough. We need thousands of clicks from thousands of cows, so spread the word to maximize the awareness of click-ins, hunger, cows, and cow clicking!

published March 3, 2011


  1. michael-

    this makes my metaphorical heart smile, metaphorically speaking. I click cows!

  2. David Rylance

    This is an awesome idea, Ian. Great work! Will be clicking!