The May issue of the UK-based consumer videogame publication Edge Magazine included a four-page, full-color spread about Cow Clicker, written by David Thomas. Edge is sometimes hard to find in North America, but they recently put the piece online, so you can read it there.

The article is fantastic. It’s one thing to be compared to Duchamp or to Rasputin. But both? In the same article? Be still my heart.

There’s something lost in the online transition, however, so now that it’s free on the web I’ve taken the liberty also to post the original print spreads. Click the thumbnails below to see the full-size images.

published June 3, 2011


  1. Ian Bogost

    Hey, thanks Tim!

  2. Aaron Lanterman

    Are you going to add a urinal-shaped cow to Cow Clicker now? 😉