In celebration of Gamasutra naming Cow Clicker one of the top 5 cult games of 2010, a glorious new feature is born!

Cowfight! Now two cow types can battle to supremacy. Each click counts as a vote, thus buying and clicking a cow marks a player’s support. Watch your cow rise to glory!

The first cowfight is ripped from the headlines. As the CEOs of Activision and Electronic Arts, Bobby Kotick and John Riccitiello, wage legal battle against each other, so you can weigh in with your venerable clicks! Whom will you support, Kowtick or Riccowtiello? Click now, to victory!

published December 22, 2010


  1. spyfoxguy

    Hahaha wonderful! Team Riccitiello for me! And of course, the respective cows are ‘branded.’

  2. Ian Bogost

    Thanks for noticing the unspoken branding pun…