It was particularly appropriate to come to Albuquerque to speak on object-oriented ontology with Levi Bryant and Tim Morton. Why? Well, you’ll have to wait for Alien Phenomenology to understand, but it will be clear on the first page.

The RMMLA was lively and fun, much unlike it’s bigger brother (sister? crazy uncle?) the MLA. I enjoyed meeting folks for the first time in person, including Jeff Bell, Peter Gratton, Tim Morton, and Eleanor Kaufman.

Our panel was called “Promiscuous Ontologies,” and Tim Morton had the foresight to record it. You can listen to the session on his blog. You can also read Levi’s and Peter Gratton’s reactions to the panel.

I presented a “not-paper” about carpentry, entitled “Why we should stop writing,” and as such I delivered it extemporaneously. A far more detailed version can be found in Alien Phenomenology.

published October 16, 2010


  1. Tim Morton

    Nice pic! With any luck I’ll stream the UCLA event. Or maybe video and upload.