Cube Clicker

I implemented Peter Molyneux's Curiosity inside Cow Clicker

Peter Molyneux is unusual among commercial game designers. He’s very well-known and successful, yet his games are often quite unusual, and his crazier ideas have a reputation for not quite making it to market. Molyneux’s penchant for absurdist, conceptual design koans even inspired a Twitter parody, @PeterMolydeux, whose design one-liners are now perhaps even more famous than the originals they… read more

If the reader clicks the word “cow” then the cows will come.

Wired's online cow clicking game about Cow Clicker

As promised, I’m now linking the iPad and web versions of Wired‘s story on Cow Clicker. There are some interesting features of each. The iPad edition features clickable cows that moo, but the online version of the story really, uhm, sets the moood… it includes a complete Cow Clicker-themed cow clicking game with Facebook integration. So, go try that out.… read more

A Tip of the Cow

Facebook likes Cow Clicker

While they’ve never said so in public, it seems Facebook has always been a silent fan of Cow Clicker. I’ve been tipped off about it several times, including via this shot of a Cow Clicker doodle on the whiteboard “wall” at Facebook HQ. A wider view of the wall cow included, later appeared in an issue of Wired. But given… read more

Cowpocalypse Now

The Cows Have Been Raptured

Yesterday evening, the countdown timer atop the Cow Clicker pages finally elapsed, and as per the prophesy, the cowpocalypse was summoned. Despite the players’ cowllective intelligence in solving the Cow ClickARG, despite their numerous supplications to the bovine gods in response to the threat of moo-msday, nevertheless the Cowpocalypse has come. All cows were raptured to their heavenly pastures. Even… read more

Save the Pigs, Click a Cow

An Open Letter from Cow Clicker to Pig Assassins Worldwide

(Cross-posted from Cow Clicker) For almost a year now, Cow Clicker has helped thousands of people from dozens of countries engage in the affectionate practice of clicking a cow every six hours (or even more often). While the lamentable practice of cow-tipping may get more public attention, cow clicking harms neither virtual cows nor real ones. To click a cow… read more

Cow Poke

Edge Magazine's Feature on Cow Clicker

The May issue of the UK-based consumer videogame publication Edge Magazine included a four-page, full-color spread about Cow Clicker, written by David Thomas. Edge is sometimes hard to find in North America, but they recently put the piece online, so you can read it there. The article is fantastic. It’s one thing to be compared to Duchamp or to Rasputin.… read more

Cow Clicktivism

Click a cow, change the world

I know what you’ve been thinking. Sure, I enjoy clicking cows, but what good is it doing? Is cow clicking just for fun, or can cow clicking make the world a better place? Molleindustria and Cow Clicker are pleased to announce Cow Clicktivism, a cooperative social game with real-world impact. Now you can turn your virtual cow into a real… read more


Anything you can click you can cow click!

Last year, the social gaming phenomenon Cow Clicker captured the world’s imoogination, offering players the opportunity to click on a cow every six hours—or even more often. Since July 2010, more than 50,000 people have clicked over 50 breeds of cows over 5 million times, engorging their accownts with over 5 million mooney, Cow Clicker’s in-game currency. Cow Clicker distilled… read more


Two cows battle for supremacy, and you decide the victor

In celebration of Gamasutra naming Cow Clicker one of the top 5 cult games of 2010, a glorious new feature is born! Cowfight! Now two cow types can battle to supremacy. Each click counts as a vote, thus buying and clicking a cow marks a player’s support. Watch your cow rise to glory! The first cowfight is ripped from the… read more

Feeling Herd

At high noon on an early-spring day in 2017, six steers doomed to die escaped their slaughterhouse and stormed the streets of my city. The escape became a nuisance, then a scene, then a phenomenon. “Man, it was crazy!” one onlooker told the local alt-weekly. “I mean, it was fucking bulls running through the city of St. Louis!” What seemed… read more